Our amazing stairs brochures: collections, stair parts, stair cladding and many other

“Look no further! These stairs brochures are exactly what you need in matters related to stair parts and staircase renovation” – this sounds like the advertisements that we were hearing years ago, when marketing people were more than uninspired.

Luckily, our brochures can really help you get a feel of our business.  We put at your disposal our staircase designs collections and the stair parts that can help you build or renovate a staircase.  You can download them, or you can contact us and we will send you a hard copy.  Enjoy!

Stair parts: Newel post and spindles guidelines

We attached for you some guidelines to present the variety of our stair parts. We hope that this will come in handy at any time, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our experts in stair parts are here to help and can discuss with you about any stair designs that will make your house look even better.

Newel Post ordering guide

Stair cladding and staircase renovation fitting instructions

We also attached the stair cladding guide and the staircase renovation brochure.  This should give you an idea about the steps that you (or your carpenter) need to follow in order to refurbish your staircase (if you prefer video instructions, check our “Staircase renovation” how to videos).  Both brochures come with images to guide you through all the steps needed to renovate your staircase: from removing the old carpet from your stair, to cutting the tread of your stair steps.  Moreover, the staircase renovation brochure contains some of the products that you can order from us as well.

Don’t forget, our team is here to guide you as well.  You just need to contact us and one of our experts in stair parts and staircase renovation will help you.

Stairs brochures

Enjoy our staircase collections brochure and get ideas on how you would want your staircase to look like – this brochure contains a variety of staircase designs, such as: Corby, Erne, Oriel, Achill, Stop Chamfered and many others. Also, check our new staircase collections: Urbana and Boston.

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