Staircase Refurbishment

Staircase Refurbishment in your home isn’t as scary as you think.

Most people wouldn’t consider a staircase refurbishment project in their home.  Some thinking the job would be too big and wouldn’t know where to start. Some think they lack the skills required for such a project and some considering it far too expensive.  However, as with any refurbishment job, what you think a job entails isn’t always the case.  With some research and advice from online sources and even a few video tutorials it is possible to refurbish your stairs, even when the budget is restricted.

If you are planning to change the position of the stairs, then best advice is to seek the services of a qualified carpenter/joiner, as structural changes would be outside the comfort zone of most DIY’ers. If your staircase is structurally sound and you’re comfortable and confident with a saw and have a “measure twice and cut once” attitude, you could change the handrail, spindles and or newel posts to give the stairs a much needed revamp.

Updating the staircase components to a more Contemporary Design in a different timber can transform the stairs as well as injecting a new lease of life into the hallway. There are a huge array of designs in various materials on the market today and choosing the right style can be difficult.  Consider a design that matches your current hallway style or if your hallway is on the dark side you could brighten the space up with glass panels.

George Quinn Stair Parts Plus – Staircase Design – Stair Renovation

Perhaps you have a bespoke staircase in keeping with the period of the house, you could sand it back to the beautiful wood beneath and simply varnish to showcase the splendour of the wood grain.

Unfinished Newel Post | Varnished Spindles

Another low cost option would be to update the stair treads and risers with stair cladding.  This system simply sits on the existing steps and risers and is quick and easy way update a worn and tired looking stairs.

Staircase Refurbishment | Stair Cladding

Or how about sanding back the existing steps, varnish or paint them and adding some colour or a runner on the stairs.

Painted Stair Treads With Runner

First impressions last and if you are currently selling your home the hallway is the first thing visitors set their eyes on and these little transformations can actually make a positive impression and or add value to the cost of your home.

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