Top 3 Staircase Design Trends


Stairs are the souls of our homes. We might not always realise how important they are for the design and the comfort of the place where we live. We go up and down them so many times that we neglect to realise how useful they are and how amazing they can be. That is why choosing the right staircase design should be a decision that you take with extreme care.

Based on our knowledge on the subject, we made a short list with the top 3 staircase designs. If you are a carpenter or a joiner, we recommend that you read these trends – they can be a great source for suggesting ideas to your customers.

First place: Glass staircase design

Glass and glass panels remain the top pick of most interior designers in 2016 as well. And their reasons are justified. Going for a glass staircase means bringing more light into our homes and we like light, don’t we?! Glass panels are the best choice for designing a modern staircase. If you decide to go for it, choose glass panels that will fit the design of your home.

Advantages: Having the latest staircase design trend in your house means that you will attract the attention of anyone that you welcome inside. Also, glass gives the sensation of having more space and it allows more light to disperse inside your house.

Cost: Medium.

Second place: Fusion

The next favourite choice for interior designers, when it comes to staircases, is the combination of materials. You can see this above in the trendy painted Chamfered Boyne newels and spindles. Also as part of this trend is our Erne stair parts collection where we combined Iron with Timber (see below) to create a material mix to please any eye.

Advantages: If you are looking for a modern staircase design with fusion elements (i.e. timber and metal), this should be your choice. Fusing materials together can create something that will surely attract any eye. Also, less turnings is more in this case. Keep in mind that if you decide to go with a material mix, the trend is to find a design as simple as possible.

Cost: Medium.

Third place: Bespoke staircase designs

Bespoke staircase designs remain in the top 3 picks for a couple of years. Nowadays, people want to have something unique, something that belongs only to them.

As a carpenter, you can work together with your customers to create a bespoke staircase. There are no limitations… I’ll rephrase that… the only limitation is your imagination. People love to think that they are the only persons in the world owning something, so a design made specially for them will guarantee getting another project for your business and a new happy client.

Advantages: having a unique design that will definitely suit your taste and the design of your home. The design can be anything from traditional, to modern and minimalist.

Cost: Very high.

Tips when designing and choosing a staircase

Top trends are great for inspiration and for researching what other people vote as being the best ideas. Still, when choosing a staircase, we recommend that you take into consideration your own taste in design and the style of your entire home. If not, you risk having a “latest trend” that doesn’t suit you or your home. Also, there are many other factors to take into account when taking your decision: safety, maintenance, and one of the most important, the cost.

Do you agree with this Top? Which one would you choose for your own staircase?

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