How to renovate a staircase in 8 steps | Staircase renovation project

We recently finished a staircase renovation project in which we presented all the steps involved in installing the stair parts of a staircase. Our last tutorial is live. This means that you can follow all the steps by watching our staircase renovation videos.

These are the 8 steps:

Staircase renovation project – Step 1: Plan for renovating your stairs

We started the project with presenting how to plan for renovating a staircase. This step is based on choosing and ordering the stair parts that you want and need (hint: we have amazing stair parts designs).

Step 2: Renovate the bullnose step
Step 3: Replace your steps and risers
Step 4: Fit the last step on the staircase

These next 3 steps could be put together as a single one, but we recommend doing everything in small steps and follow our guides when doing so.
These include: removing the old steps and risers, measuring and cutting the steps and risers to fit the stairs and installing these stair parts.

Step 5: Renovate the landing area

If your staircase has a landing area, it might be a good idea to follow this step. It includes measuring the landing area, ordering the winder steps and winder step extensions that you need, and the process of installing these stair parts.

Step 6: Install the newel posts

Next is the installation of the newel posts. Do so by ordering the newel posts that fit your style. Follow by measuring, removing the old newels and installing the new ones in place. Finish up by adding a bolt cover, newel base connector and a newel post cap. In the video that we created about installing these stair parts, we presented unique ways of going through this step. We also presented the installation of some small touches that can add even more beauty to your staircase.

Step 7: Fit the handrails and base rails

First, get the angle of your stairs and then measure, cut and install the handrails and base rails. The base rail’s measurement will also be used when doing the last part of the project, fitting the spindles.

Step 8: Fit the spindles

Did you choose the spindles that suit you and your staircase?!

Use the base rail’s measurement to calculate the number of spindles that you need. Follow the building regulations (the space between the spindles needs to be smaller than 100 mm). Order them!

Cut them to the angle of your stairs and install them and you are done.

These are the 8 steps that you need to follow when renovating a staircase.

Follow our staircase renovation videos to find all the details and use our guides for your project.

It is our own satisfaction for you to learn how to renovate a staircase, or to improve your knowledge on the subject. Thus, we made the videos as entertaining as possible and we hope that you will enjoy them. Choose the tutorial that you want to watch and click on the images from below.

how to plan for renovating your stairsreplace steps and risers
How to renovate the landing areaHow to fit handrails and base rails video
How to install newel posts videoHow to fit spindles video

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