Engineered Handrail

When it comes to your staircase the handrail running the length of the stairs is generally the longest component and it should be both functional and visually pleasing.  A length of handrail should be straight and well machined otherwise, it cannot be used.  As we supply handrail in 4200mm and 2400mm lengths, we have successfully overcome the problems generally associated with the production of long lengths. By using engineered white oak and walnut timber we can remove the usual deficiencies in the wood like knots and cracks.  The production process also ensures the wood colour is uniform throughout the length.

Our handrails are highly engineered and are solid in construction.  The inner layer is finger jointed which provides strength and rigidity. The outer layer has a maximum of two joints on the side and top, which are perfectly colour matched with a straight butt joint.  The handrail comes with solid infill supplied for traditional spindle/balustrade assembly.

Advantages of using engineered handrail:

  • Excellent and consistent quality throughout the length
  • Straight – no twisting or bending
  • Perfectly colour matched
  • Very robust and rigid
  • Can be stored without twisting
  • No cracking or twisting after fitting
  • Better use of raw materials ensures little or no waste
  • Solid wood construction throughout

Another important point when using solid engineered handrail, which can be overlooked, is the environment.  When we produce engineered products we use all the wood from the tree, however, not always in the same product. For example, the inner core of the handrail can be produced from short lengths and doesn’t need to be colour matched as it will be covered with an outer layer of perfectly colour matched solid wood.  The added benefit, sustainable use of our ever reducing hardwood forests.  The inner core also gives the handrail its great strength due to the unique finger jointing and glueing process.

Although it may be more labour intensive to produce engineered handrail, it’s not possible to achieve this strength in a similar dimension of solid wood due to weaknesses in the growth structure.  The greater yield of wood produced from these expensive timber types often outweighs the labour cost which ultimately results in a more economical product.  Because it is constructed entirely of solid wood it can be assembled to the newel posts in exactly the same way as traditionally manufactured handrail.

At George Quinn’s our engineered white oak and walnut handrails have become so popular that we no longer have a demand for the traditional one piece handrail product.  Initially, our customers were hesitant, but now will not revert back and expect this excellently engineered product every time.

We supply our white oak and walnut handrails wrapped in plastic and individually boxed which allows for added protection during the delivery process to ensure a quality product from start to finish. The handrail comes unfinished and can be finished by either painting, varnishing or waxing to your own personal preference.

So if you are undertaking a staircase renovation project or ordering a new staircase for a customer and want to ensure a quality finish, we can supply the stair parts required to achieve a superior and aesthetically pleasing focal point to any hallway entrance.

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