Common Types of Staircases

The construction of a staircase starts with precision engineering and design expertise. Whilst staircases are the link between the floors in a home, they can be constructed in a manner of different ways depending on the layout of the home.

Straight Flight Staircases

Straight flight staircases don’t change in direction between two floors and are the most common type of stairs found in homes and also commercial properties.  They are the easiest to build as they only need to be connected at the top and bottom, no supporting structure is needed.  Measuring for stair components is easier. Per regulations there should no be more than sixteen risers in any one flight which results in a staircase that takes up a lot of floor space.

George Quinn Stair Parts Plus – Straight Flight Stair Design

3 Winder Staircases / 2 Winder Staircases

Winder staircases are used to change the direction of the stairs by 90 degrees to either the left or the right.  Winder steps are triangular in shape and the middle step is called a kite winder as it resembles a kite shape.  They are used as an alternative to a landing to change the direction of the stairs. A winder staircase is considered a space saver option, compared to Straight flight staircase.

George Quinn Stair Parts Plus – 2 & 3 Step Winder Stair Design

Quarter Landing Staircases

Quarter landing staircases have a landing added to achieve a bend, usually 90 degrees.  It can be located either near the bottom, the top or even half way up the flight to create a barrier between the floors offering more privacy. It can also act as a sound barrier.  These are an ideal option where hallway floor space is limited. However, they are more complicated to construct in terms of design and components e.g. handrails can require more skill to install.

George Quinn Stair Parts Plus – Quarter Landing Stair Design

Half Landing Staircase

Sometimes referred to as a U shaped stairs, half landing staircases are two parallel flights of stairs connected by a landing that has a 180 degree turn. Half landing staircases whilst they are more difficult to construct they are more compact and the landing can be used as an additional space in the home, a space for reading or indeed additional storage for books and ornaments.

George Quinn Stair Parts Plus – Half Landing Stair Design

These are just some of the staircase design options that are used in both residential and commercial properties. With a little design ingenuity and quality stairparts, they can also be a stunning focal point.

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